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Simple tips against acne

People who have acne often need to take care of their skin so their condition doesn't worsen. Preventing acne requires you to learn and develop good health habits such as keeping your skin clean, reducing mental stress and getting enough sleep.

Here are seven daily tips you can use to prevent acne.

1. Avoid the excessive extraction of acne and blackheads

Excess pressure on your skin during the extraction of acne blackheads brings about the breakage of the sebaceous follicle, which is full of microorganisms. This tends to spread the acne infection to other parts of your skin, not to mention that this will cause pustules that leave permanent acne scars.

2. Clean your face twice a day

Washing your face often is very important for fighting acne. Use water and a facial wash that is tested for sensitive skin. You can use soaps with benzoyl peroxide as well if you don't find them too drying. Let your skin dry completely before apply acne treatments. Having clean skin stops bacteria from spreading and acne from worsening. However, don't wash your face more than 3 times a day because it may make your skin dry and sore.

3. Don't eat foods that cause acne

This depends on your own diet and sensitivities. Find out what causes you to break out and avoid those foods. Common acne breakout foods include fatty and deep fried foods. While there is no scientific connection between food and acne, you should more or less know what kind of stuff to avoid.

Good nutrition and a diet high in vitamins or minerals also helps you develop healthy skin. Iodine rich food like milk can also cause acne so if you have acne-prone skin, try staying away from dairy products.

4. Reduce your use of cosmetics

Reduce your use of cosmetic products that have not been formulated with the specific indications for "acne-prone skin". Greasy cosmetics or cosmetics with oil can lead to more blackheads and pimples because they clog the pores, causing acne outbreaks. Try to always use water-based non-comedogenic cosmetics and make sure that your makeup brushes/sponges are clean.

5. Keep your hair and hands away from your face

If you have long hair and it touches your face, be sure to wash your hair frequently so that it isn't dirty. Also, try to tie up your hair so it does not touch your skin. After sweating a lot, always remember to wash your face so dirt doesn't accumulate and cause acne. Also keep your hands away from your face. Hands usually come in contact with a lot of dirt and this can easily cause acne.

6. Use a Topical Medication like Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the ingredients most extensively used in over-the-counter treatments for acne. It helps to eliminate bacteria from the surface of your skin by penetrating the follicles. It is extremely effective when the condition is moderately serious. However, take note that it may produce some irritation and may peel the skin if used for long periods of time.

7. Avoid Toxic Environments

Hot and humid weather with lots of polluted air can cause dirt to settle on your skin and clog your hair follicles. This can cause acne outbreaks. Avoid places with a lot of smoke and dirt /oil in the air. Stay in air-conditioned environments when you can and remember to clean away excess sweat from your skin whenever possible.

Learning how to get rid of acne fast may be important but preventing acne on a daily basis is equally crucial as well. Put the tips here to practice and you'll be well on your way to having clear skin!

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  1. Thanks for the protips! i guess i should try avoiding dairy for a while :)

  2. interesting... kind of glad i dont need it though :P

  3. Great tips, but I think you forgot one, a good one: "Block adult sites on internet" lol. I like your blog, I'll be tracking your next tips!

  4. great list , also making sure to drink lots of water will help

  5. why does acne even exist, stupid zits

  6. would be useful if i still had some, but thanks :)

  7. This was a very interesting article - I remember hearing very different advice when I was riddled with acne years ago, and now I'm not surprised that it took so long to finally fade. I wish I had resources like this blog and others when I was younger.

  8. this is one of the most helpful posts i've seen thnk you!